How to have your own exim SMTP server only deliver at set hours

I've been thinking that something like the Thunderbird Send Later add-on would be better handled on the server side (running your own private SMTP server) so you don't have to keep your desktop running until the scheduled delivery time. I'm using Debian and exim with the split configuration option so the files referenced will directly apply to that.

The correct contents for /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts on GNU/Linux

This is a short description of what the correct contents of /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname on a GNU/Linux (or another UNIX-like) system is. Here's what to take away from this discussion on LinuxQuestions.

Migrating from the Menu trails module to Menu position

The Menu trails module that is used for giving content a suitable position in the Drupal menu lacks a Drupal 7 version and it doesn't work all that well with multilingual sites. The Menu position module provides equal functionality, is still supported and even works better for multilingual sites.

I wrote a small drush command for migrating to Menu position. It will convert Menu trails rules to Menu position equivalents. In the simplest case you can just install the command to the ~/.drush directory and run "drush mt2mp".

Drupal 7 bootstrap explained: DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_LANGUAGE

I've covered DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_SESSION and DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_PAGE_HEADER earlier. In this part I look at what Drupal 7 does in the next bootstrap stage after those, DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_LANGUAGE.

This stage starts when drupal_language_initialize() gets called.

Drupal 7 bootstrap explained: DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_PAGE_HEADER

In the previous part of this series I covered DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_SESSION, next up is DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_PAGE_HEADER. _drupal_bootstrap_page_header() is the function that gets called when we get into this phase.

Drupal 7 bootstrap explained: DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_SESSION and Drupal's session handling

I looked for articles going through the Drupal bootstrap in detail and found some. Unfortunately, they all seemed to stop before actually getting all the bootstrap phases covered. I'm going to continue where Be Circle's Andre Molnar left off and cover DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_SESSION in this article. Go read the excellent Drupal 7 Line by Line article series to get an overview and description of the bootstrap phases that are run before this one.